Monday, January 12, 2009


I noticed that my laptop power stayed at 6% even though I was on power for over two hours. I checked and noticed this...plugged in, not charging. Please help

  1. Any one with a HP Pavillion 6000 series, who is having certain tech difficulties should go to HP page and search for extended service warranties to see if your system qualifies. I had an issue with my wireless driver and all I had do was to first turn your system completly OFF, then remove the battery, then remove the middle cover (underneath Lap Top) and then remove the wireless card. (You will see it connected to two small cables) remove the cables and the small screws and remove the card and then reinserted the card and close the cover -do remember where the two cables go- . Then turn on your system, -do not put the battery yet- and go to control panel/ device manager/ look for network adaptor, and see if you see your lan card, once this is done reconnect your battery. If you don't then contact HP they will fix it for free, even if your warranty expire. They will even pick up your postage!.
  2. Two possible problems for this -

    DC JACK Issue
    1: one side of the DC ground is not conntected to the rest of the system, so no circuit is complete to the charging section.

    CHARGING Circuit issue
    2: bad power controller chip (MAXIM IC) or zener diode in that circuit, maybe bad
  3. Reinstalling the power management software has just fixed it for me, i have a dv6552. Go to device manager and under batteries, unistall the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery. Go to Actions on the menu bar and select 'scan for hardware changes'. It will reinstall it and hopefully start charging immediately (mine did anyway).

My HP Pavilion dv6000 just shuts down instead of...

I bought a new HP laptop (pavilion dv6815nr) about 3 months ago and just recently, for no apparent reason, the pile of junk(which I treasured at first) just shuts off on occassion. Why this happens, I do not know and when I try to turn it back on, I either hear 2 beeps or 1 beep and it just shuts itself off, only resarting after multiple attempts or if I just leave it alone for a few minutes and then try. At first I thought it was dust blocking up the fans so I cleaned the vents with a can of compressed air, the results: no change at all. Then I said maybe its a POST error and I tried to reseat the memory modules but again my efforts were to no avail as the madness continued. The only thing I could think about next was that the battery overheated but it never got too hot while I was using the laptop, just warm-ish. Maybe the mother board just got fried but that can't be possible unless I bought a defectile pile of junk. Wait-yes I did probably buy a defective pile of junk as I never had any problems with my DELL computers or laptops.
Whether I was surfing the internet or playing a game, or just typing it just shut off....not even a warning except for the supposed POST error.I've never even dropped the laptop to tell you how confused I am. I have tried almost everything BIOS update, Nvidia driver updates, cans of compressed air, reseating memory modules but the blasted piece of junk (as I will refer to all HP products except their printers from now on) just hates the likes of me. Please if any of you techs have any help/suggestions for me I will greatly appreciate it.

Additional details:

BIOS: Phoenix BIOS
Windows Vista SP1
3 Gigs of RAM
AMD Turion 64x2 processor (2.00 Ghz)

Oh, and used system recovery to reinstall to factory TWICE trying to fix the problem and knowing my luck----you guessed it--- it didn't work. I also noticed that when I run performance demanding software this happens faster and when I close it until it hibernates and open it again, it shuts off. I don't want to do anything to void the warranty in case I have to send it in (although HP customer care is total **** and plus I live in the Caribbean and bought the laptop in the U.S.). Again anyone with any ideas your help is welcome.

  1. I am facing a similar problem, i bought Hp Pavilion dv6330ea second hand from a guy lives in my city.... he made me fool (now i must say) as when he showed me to use it before buying , the laptop didnt contain heavy things.. like games, installers etc (in which high processing is required), i also didnt check it thoroughly (my mistake) but after two days of purachasing it, i installed so many softwares of my use on it and started burning dvds that was the 1st time is started facing the problem of shutting off the laptop. It happens like this:

    Laptop get turned off (like someone has pull off its switch) automatically. and the system happens to be overheated may be this is one of the reaso. But the problem is that in the most chilled environment (in chilled room having Air Conditioner) the same problem occurs. I feel that it happens when processor has to do loads of work, like i put usb and started accessing it at the same time i start opening so many webpages and burning dvds. But sometimes it also happens that when room temperature is 30 C and i am not using processer heavily it get turned off automatically .. may b coz of overheating ..but literally i am not exactly getting what is happening wid this pc ... literally this pc makes me embarrass at my office and social gatherings. I cant play games, i cant use it like it has to be used wid so many things downloading, listening songs movies heavily surfing etc but i cant i feel shy getting this wid me to my frnds .. coz i bought it after paying a huge amount of money and after a heavy market research about laptops. But the guy made me literally fool. I hope he wont be better off wid that money he got from me against this laptop, But i also suggest u to plz plz never buy used laptop.. they usually hav drawbacks!!!! ...

    I ask u ppl to give me suggestions and help me out so that i wud face my family and frnds wid this laptop. Keenly interested in ur responses!!! .. u can mail me at


    HP Pavilion dv6330ea
    120 gm hddk
    1 gb ram
    P/N: GH878EA#ABU
  2. it will be better if you ask your vendor for repair as it is in warranty period

Http/1.1 internal server error

Hi, I am trying to access my ebay. Recently i have been unable to log on, it keeps coming up with "bad request invalid verb" or Http 1.1 internal server error. I am not a techie so it will have to be in plain english please!!!!
The funny thing is, sometimes it will let me into my ebay then when i want to look at another page it brings up the error OR i just can't log onto ebay at all. Can someone please help!

  1. I have Trend Micro Security 2008 and this caused me to have problems gong on To
    Had to spend a few hours with a Tech Guy from Malaysia who created a patch for this problem..Was fixed !!
    Now today i have the same problem.
    I think Ebay change their security setting every 6 months or so and Trend Micro need to keep up with them!
    Hope this helps!
    Don't feel like spending another 1/2 hour having them download information from my pC to fix!!
    May go back to Norton i think!!!
  2. Recently installed Windows Live and Family Safety; thenMozilla Firefox started getting this error on Ebay pages: "Http/1.1 internal server error" or "bad request". If I would click the address bar and enter it would randomly show the page.

    Un-installed the Family Safety program and now, no more error.

Hp pavillion dv6000z webcam

my webcam the most of the times does not work. I have downloaded and installed the most recent updates but again the most times does not even start working. when i restart the pc sometimes works but not always...

  1. hii this is an driver confict..u might have recieved drivers cd.from HP reinstall the webcam driver..

  2. click on this link if u r using windows vista:
click on this link if u r using windows xp:
  1. This one is for web cam software(software driver):
plz let me know if problem solved..i ll be waiting for ur reply.. thank you for using fixya

Driver ricoh webcam HP pavilion DV6000

I have a message error in Device Manager , Imaging Devices driver Ricoh "this device cannot start"code error 10. Sorry for my English. I'm from Argentina. I'm desperate, because I can use my webcam. I download the last driver for Ricoh device form HP and follow the steps but nothing, after use the recovery manager for original drives and nothing.Please, help me

  1. Ironically, I received the same error and, I discovered it had nothing to do with using the webcam - go to this site for a REAL answer :

    I ended up hitting my "quick play" button located next to the on/off button (left side) and double-clicked on the HP Webcam - the blue light came on and I could see myself smiling...

    Good Luck! It works...
  2. Code 10 es un problema con los contoladores de la camera.puede ser devideo a problemas con la controladora(driver), a problemas con el sistema, o se puede deber a un problemacon el hardware.

    Esta es la descricion que Microsoft hace de code 10: "Code 10 is a default error code that Device Manager generates when the operating system cannot determine which specific error code to return after an issue occurs. For example, Device Manager may generate a Code 10 error when hardware devices are accessed by a user or by software that is installed on the computer."

    Lo primero que hay que hacer es instalar la controladora, yesto ya esta.

    Intente despues hacer un system restore a una data antes de tener el problema, y despues re instale el driver de la camera.

    Si todo esto no sirve tendra que grabar todo sus datos yhacer una reinstalacion completa del systema utilizandorecovery disk, o las utilidades de HP.

    Si despues de un 'total recovery' sigue tenendo error 10,entonces el problema es hardware, el que sinifica que la cam esta estropeada.
  3. Si el problema es comun a mas portatiles de lo mismo modelo, sugiero cotactar HP. Pude ser que tengan alguna patch para soluzionarlo.
    Mire el sitio HP de Argentina y busque la pagina de suporte.