Monday, January 12, 2009

Driver ricoh webcam HP pavilion DV6000

I have a message error in Device Manager , Imaging Devices driver Ricoh "this device cannot start"code error 10. Sorry for my English. I'm from Argentina. I'm desperate, because I can use my webcam. I download the last driver for Ricoh device form HP and follow the steps but nothing, after use the recovery manager for original drives and nothing.Please, help me

  1. Ironically, I received the same error and, I discovered it had nothing to do with using the webcam - go to this site for a REAL answer :

    I ended up hitting my "quick play" button located next to the on/off button (left side) and double-clicked on the HP Webcam - the blue light came on and I could see myself smiling...

    Good Luck! It works...
  2. Code 10 es un problema con los contoladores de la camera.puede ser devideo a problemas con la controladora(driver), a problemas con el sistema, o se puede deber a un problemacon el hardware.

    Esta es la descricion que Microsoft hace de code 10: "Code 10 is a default error code that Device Manager generates when the operating system cannot determine which specific error code to return after an issue occurs. For example, Device Manager may generate a Code 10 error when hardware devices are accessed by a user or by software that is installed on the computer."

    Lo primero que hay que hacer es instalar la controladora, yesto ya esta.

    Intente despues hacer un system restore a una data antes de tener el problema, y despues re instale el driver de la camera.

    Si todo esto no sirve tendra que grabar todo sus datos yhacer una reinstalacion completa del systema utilizandorecovery disk, o las utilidades de HP.

    Si despues de un 'total recovery' sigue tenendo error 10,entonces el problema es hardware, el que sinifica que la cam esta estropeada.
  3. Si el problema es comun a mas portatiles de lo mismo modelo, sugiero cotactar HP. Pude ser que tengan alguna patch para soluzionarlo.
    Mire el sitio HP de Argentina y busque la pagina de suporte.

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